How to type Math in FastFig:

To enter math on your page use the keyboard at the bottom of the application window or use the symbols found on your computer keyboard.

To solve math press 'enter' or click on the equals sign button next to the math and FastFig will automatically solve for you. To prevent math from being solved press 'shift-enter' and FastFig will skip that line.

Math Operators

Operator Usage Operators in Use: Using the Operators, delete and re-type these equations: (press shift-enter to solve)
+ Add 2+2
- Subtract, Negate 3-6


* Multiply 3*4
/ Divide 2/12
^ Exponentiate 3^7
= Assignment a=4
( ) Operational Precedence 2*(3+5)

Watch a How-To Video here: How to Use FastFig

Tip: To quickly type math after you have entered an exponent, denominator, or parentheses just press tab or the space bar. Doing so will bring you back to the line you were using.

Try it below by clicking between the 7 and the closing parentheses, then use the space bar, or tab key, to navigate:


Operator Usage Examples
= Equivalence
> Greater Than
< Less Than
Greater Than or Equals
Less Than or Equals
Not Equals