FigPad is designed for math, science, and engineering testing and homework applications.

Student work is captured for later grading, while ensuring academic integrity.

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How it Works

FigPad instantly converts basic keystrokes into math symbols, unlike other word processors and tablet apps.

FigPad auto locks virtual ‘scratch paper’ after exams to prevent cheating and allow graders to review student work at any time.

  • FigPad is a quick and easy place for students to do ‘scratch work’ during online exams, and submit work for review or partial credit.
  • Learning FigPad is simple: students type math using the same symbols and notation as on a graphing calculator.
  • The ‘scratch work’ is always available to authorized individuals, and locked in read-only mode upon exam completion.
  • FigPad supports inclusion of pictures, graphs, and videos.
  • Use FigPad for other purposes too: homework, exam formula sheets, etc.
Technical Details

FigPad is built on the same robust foundation as the FastFig Platform. We've spent more than 3 years perfecting math editing in the web and mobile environment.

FigPad runs in a browser window alongside online/digital exams FigPad can also be embedded as an iFrame in existing testing sites.

FigPad works on all modern systems:

Android, iOS, Mac, & Windows
Using: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari


We have a pilot program available for medium to large scale organizations and institutions involved with online and digital test taking. We provide custom integration services and technical support.

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