FigChat is the choice for online math, science, and engineering discussion.

Unlike other live chats, FigChat instantly converts keystrokes into math symbols.

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Only FigChat lets users message math like this:
  • Basic <

  • > Advanced
How it Works

FigChat is a live chat system designed for discussing math, science, & engineering.

FigChat integrates seamlessly into any web application and is an ideal solution anywhere math is discussed.

FigChat works on all platforms, including tablets and smartphones.

  • FigChat enables live interaction in group or individual conversations. Users type messages and then press enter to send.
  • To type math, users may use any combination of keys on the on-screen keyboard, their physical keyboard, and/or keyboard shortcuts. ^ signals exponents, * signals multiply, etc.
  • FigChat also supports inclusion of pictures, graphs, and videos.
  • The chat history is always available. Helpful for late participants and review.
Technical Details

FigChat is built on the same robust foundation as the FastFig Platform. We've spent more than 3 years perfecting math editing in the web and mobile environment.

FigChat can be embedded with a simple iframe or JavaScript API. Chat conversations are identified by unique urls so it’s easy to integrate the chat client with your existing data systems.

FigChat works on all modern systems:

Android, iOS, Mac, & Windows
Using: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari


FigChat licensing options are available to meet a wide range of budgets and business models. In addition, we provide custom integration services and technical support.

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