What Matters:

It is not a question of if, but when math education/communication will take place exclusively online. We make the platform for that transition - 'Math for the Web'.

The creators, engineers, dreamers, and thinkers of the future use the most advanced technology to expand ideas, realize dreams, and build our world. Yet today, pencil, paper, and calculators from the 1980's are what we give to our students, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

The drive for FastFig comes from empowering the math, science, and engineering fields with the best platform possible for learning, exploration, and creation. We are making math work on the web.

Our Products:

  • FastFig is the digital solution to solve math and format it beautifully on any internet connected device. FastFig makes math easy to type, edit, and learn equations, it is a free CAS (Computer Algebra system). FastFig documents are stored in the cloud and can be exported at anytime for print, local storage, or social sharing. FastFig is the lead consumer product of FigLabs, Inc., and was funded by the prestigious DreamIt Ventures as part of their inaugural Austin program in 2013. We’ve been featured in stories by Business Insider & Technically Philly.
  • FigChat is a product spun from the FastFig eco-system. With more math education making the transition to the web FigChat fills the need for instant communication between two or more parties. Enabling students, teachers, and tutors with instant formatted math notation FigChat helps bridge the gap between in-person interaction and the web.
  • FigPad is built for the growing online testing industry. FigPad is 'scratch paper' for online math and engineering exams. Student work is captured, saved, and locked/hidden for later review/grading.

Our Users and Customers:

FastFig users range from 2nd grade students to professional algorithm designers. Our customers range from small tutoring firms looking for custom integrations to multi-national organizations working to enable their user-base with online math editing. FastFig is a convenient tool for anyone who solves problems in math, science, and engineering. Our users share the need to make math-related work digital, online, and accessible. FastFig is their solution.

About Us:

FastFig was born in August of 2011. The company started life as a way to help engineering students bypass the trials and tribulations of annoying and complex desktop software. We have committed more than 2.5 years to FastFig with the goal of making math easier for everyone.


  • August - FastFig is born
  • November – Incorporated as Fig Labs


  • October - Beta launched
  • November - Invited to join DreamIt Ventures in Austin Texas


  • January – Team doubles in size, moves to Austin, Texas, and Beta Version 2 released
  • February – FastFig moves out of Beta
  • May – FastFig Premium is launched and FastFig makes its first sale
  • August – The FastFig Notebook is launched


  • January - FastFig is re-released with new organizational abilities, new UI, and made free
  • March - FigChat is announced and released - The Instant Messenger for Math


CEO - Jay Hotaling

Jay Hotaling is the CEO of FastFig. and is no stranger to entrepreneurship and business having started Touch-Not Inc. Jay graduated from Syracuse University’s Martin Whitman School of Management with degrees in Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises and Supply Chain Management.

Founder - Brian Peacock

Brian Peacock is the founder of FastFig. Brian studied Civil and Environmental Engineering at Lafayette College and began building FastFig after he became frustrated with the existing mathematics tools available.

CTO - Alex Potts

Alex Potts is the CTO of FastFig. He has a background in Computer Science and has experience in the IT industry. Alex is a born hacker and server master. He can often be found pulling technology pranks on his co-workers.

Communications and Growth Intern - Sharon Leshner

Sharon is a student at New York University studying Media, Culture, and Communications. She loves diving into the depths of educational technology and figuring out creative solutions to educational issues.

Development Intern - Evan Klein

Evan is a student at Lehigh University, studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. He enjoys participating in hackathons and doing other techy things in his spare time.

Our Investors & Supporters: